- Visiting hours of our hospital are 10.00 – 21.00.

- After 21.00, only patients and patient accompanists could stay in the rooms.

- Patients staying in double rooms must respect each other’s rights.

- These rooms should be visited as little as possible by patient relatives and visitors should vacate the rooms by 21.00.

- Only a maximum of 2 visitors are allowed in the patient rooms.

- In situations where patient’s health is concerned, visits to the rooms could be limited or forbidden by doctors of the related department.

- In extraordinary situations, phone connection between on the call nurse and the visitors will be established and they will be informed.

- Patients who are admitted to the hospital via emergency could be visited by the approval of the on the call doctor or the responsible nurse, out of the visiting hours.

- As visiting inpatients could be dangerous for the health of child visitors, it is forbidden for children to visit.

- Do not sit on the patient beds during visits and do not disrupt other patients by speaking loudly.

- It is forbidden to visit patients who received angiography or bypass surgery, as it is dangerous for patient’s health. But if it’s requested, one patient accompanist may stay.

- Only one patient accompanist may stay in the patient rooms.

- Smoking inside hospital building and emergency stairway is forbidden.

- Patient accompanists may not bring foods or drinks to the patient, and they may not give any foods or drinks to the patient, without the approval of the doctors or the nurses.

- Visitors and patient accompanists could use the cafeteria for their needs.

- Flowers for the patients are not allowed inside the patient rooms.

- Patient accompanists must abide by the hospital rules. Any patient accompanists who don’t abide by the hospital rules will not be accepted.

- Patient accompanists (except the directives of doctors and nurses) must not implement any practices towards the patient.

- Patient accompanists must not stay with the patient during medical interventions.

- Patient accompanists must keep the hospital equipment clean and orderly and if they cause any damage, they must cover the costs.

- To provide a peaceful environment, patients and patient accompanists must not speak loudly and make any noise in the patient rooms and hallways. Also televisions in the patient rooms must be used in a way that won’t disrupt others.

- Patient accompanists will not change the beds or take patients outside the hospital without the request of doctors or nurses.

- Patient accompanists will not speak loudly in the patient rooms or hallways, and they will not disrupt other patients or the staff.

- Patient accompanists will inform the nurses if any problem regarding their patient arises.

- Control of the patient visits and accompaniment rules are done by service staff and hospital entry staff.