1.General Responsibilities
- Individuals should do their best to stay healthy and should act accordingly to guidelines on how to live a healthy life.
- If the individual is suitable, they can donate blood and organs.
- Individuals should care for themselves on simple situations.

2. Social Security
- Patients must inform the changes on their social security or personal information on time.
- Patients must complete the visa of their health record (Bağ-Kur, Green Card etc.) on time.

3. Informing the Healthcare Professionals
-Patients must provide accurate and complete information about their previous illnesses, whether they had an inpatient treatment before or not, their current medications if any and their medical information.

4. Hospital Rules
- Patients must comply with the rules and practices of the medical institution they apply for.
- Patients must comply with the referral chain of the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.
- Patients are expected to cooperate with healthcare professionals during the treatment, care and rehabilitation periods.
-If patients are applying for a medical institution which uses an appointment system, they must be on time and inform any changes to the related institution.
- Patients must respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
- Patients must compensate for any damage they cause to hospital equipment.

5.Acting Accordingly to the Treatment Guidelines
- Patients should comply with the guidelines of their treatments and medications and pose any questions they might have.
- If patients cannot comply with the treatment guidelines they must inform the healthcare professionals. - Patients must state whether they understand their healthcare plan correctly or not.
- Patients are responsible for any problems arising from their refusal of treatment or not complying with healthcare guidelines.