“Everyone who applied to this health facility has rights below;

- - Benefit from the service in general: Activities for promoting healthy living within the framework of justice and equity principles and benefiting from preventive health services,

- Reaching service in equality: Patients; have the right to receive services regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, economic and social situation.

- Information: Have the right to know what services and facilities are all about

- Chose facility and Change: Have the right to choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the health services provided by the selected health institution.

- Personnel recognition, selection and change: the right to choose, change and change the identities, duties and titles of the subjects and other personnel who will give and give health services.

- Requesting information: have the right to request all kinds of information about the health situation, verbally and in writing,

- Privacy: To receive all kinds of health care in a confidential

- Consent: The patient has the right to benefit from the service in the presence of consent and consent in medical interventions.

- Rejection and stopping: Do not want to refuse or stop treatment

- Security: to get health care in a safe environment

- To be able to fulfill religious obligations: To fulfill religious obligations within the framework of the measures taken and to the extent of the institutions possibilities,

- Observance of prestige: Respect, care and attention, gullied face, gentle, compassionate approach to health care

- Convenience: the patient has the right to receive health services in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided, all the noise and disturbing factors are eliminated

- Visits: Visitors are entitled to receive visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles set by the institutions and organizations.

- Having a companion: The right of the legislature to be in accordance with the facilities of the health institutions and institutions and to have a companion,

- Right to appeal, complaints and lawsuits: In case of violation of their rights, they have the right to use all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation

- Continuous service: As long as it is necessary, patient has the right to benefit from health services

- Expressing thoughts: You have the right to express your thoughts on the services provided